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Teach your child to drive...

A book for Parents Teaching their Son or Daughter to Drive

Teach Your Child to Drive

Teach Your Child to Drive is a book for parents who want to teach their child to drive safely.

Using information and advice from official publications as well as years of experience as a driving instructor and a driving instructor trainer. This book condenses and simplifies all the subjects required to teach a beginner to drive.

The guide enables the parent to teach the same driving subjects that are covered by approved driving instructors.

The book has a unique teacher and learner system, where the left hand page is written for the parent (teacher), and the right hand page is written for the son / daughter (learner). Which is the same teaching aid system driving instructors use.

It ensures that the parent is teaching the subjects safely, but also in a way that is simple enough for a learner.

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Teach Your Child to Drive

Enables Parents to Teach like a Driving Instructor

Teach Your Child to Drive

The teach your learner book ensure that parents, Mums and Dads are teaching their son or daughter the same subjects that a Qualified Driving Instructor teaches.

Using the same information from official DVSA publications that driving instructors use as their teaching framwework - parents are able to teach their child driving skills that will be required for the driving test, and for 'safe driving for life'. The mantra given to driving instructors by the DVSA

We have ensured that the information is clear and concise - it has been condensed in order to keep reading the book and teaching the subjects easier for parents and learning the subjects, clear for their son or daughter. However, it still covers all the necessary key points required to get a learner from beginner up to test standard - as taught by Qualified Driving Isntructors.

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Written by a Grade A, Driving Instructor Trainer

The book has been written by a fully qualifed driving instructor, who is also an approved Driving Instructor trainer, that has been helping learners and trainee driving instructors successfully pass since 1996.

We have been producing teaching aids for the driving instructor industry since 2005 - they are used and recommended across the industry for their simplcity and clarity.

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Unique Teacher & Learner page system

Teach Your Child to Drive

The book, based on the format of teaching aids used by qualified driving instructors, has been laid out specifically to enable parents and their son or daughter to teach, learn and refer to easily, whether at home or out in the car.

LEFT HAND PAGE: is specifically for the parent (teacher), with more detailed, but concise information of each driving subject to ensure the parent knows what they are teaching, and can also answer any questions their child (learner) may have.

RIGHT HAND PAGE: is specifically for the son or daughter (learner), with simplified check lists, driving test tips and visuals in order to make subjects clear and easy to learn.

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  • Ensures parents give safe driving lessons!
  • Condensed and simplified for easy learning!
  • Reach driving test standard faster!
  • Save money on driving lessons!
  • Teach the same subjects as a qualified instructor!
  • Unique teacher and learner page system!
  • Clear and easy to follow visuals on Learner pages
  • List of requirements to succeed on Learner pages
  • List of common mistakes on Learner pages
  • Driving Test tip on each Learner page
  • Driving Instructor Trade Secrets on Parent pages!

  • Parent & Child understand what's being taught
  • Parent & Child work together on each goal
  • Written by an experienced Instructor Trainer!