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Highway Code - An online version of the official DSA highway code is FREE to read

The Highway Code is a list of the rules and regulations of the roads.

All new drivers will need a good knowledge of the rules and regulations of the roads when they are driving. Having a good working knowledge of the highway code helps drivers make safe, legal decisions in every day driving situations.

In respect to driving lessons and the driving test, the highway code will influence every decision you make.

The highway code is constantly updated as the rules and regulations change due to new roads, signs, legislation, research etc.

The knowledge you gain from the highway code can be used for life. It is not just something to read through to pass the theory test.

The free online highway code is available through the Gov.uk website.

Official DSA online Highway Code

Highway Code Help

Do I have to read the Highway Code?

Yes, all drivers, motorcyclists, lorry drivers etc. need to keep up to date with the changes, advice and legal requirements in the highway code. This is to ensure that they are safe legal drivers.

In relation to new drivers, it's essential that they learn as much as possible from the highway code. Not only will this help them whilst taking the theory test, learning to drive and taking the practical driving test, it will also ensure that they are safer road users throughout their lifetime.

If reading the Highway Code seems like a chore, there are plenty of Theory Test books and DVDs available to help. You can go through the Book and DVD tests and then refer to the Highway Code for the questions you get wrong or aren't sure about.

What's the most important part of the highway code?

Everything in the highway code is important, whether it's advice or information. It is written using years of research, statistics and road law. In many ways, it is the most important read for new and experienced drivers, as it is designed to help them stay safe and legal on the ever changing road system.

Will my instructor help me with the highway code?

Yes, any good driving instructor should be able to answer any questions you have on the highway code.

Download Highway Code PDFs

Below you will find essential, downloadable highway code PDF files, which will help with the theory test, driving test and driving in general. These are basics that all road users must learn to stay safe and legal.