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List your Driving School with us

Over the past few months we've received requests from various Driving Schools, enquiring whether we can list their business on the Dream Driving Lessons website. We've decided to put together a simple advertising deal which will ensure good exposure for Driving Schools as well as helping with their website optimisation.

Set up your Driving School listing

Featured School

Driving School Listing

Your Driving School will be added as a featured listing at the top of the town webpage where your school is located (it can be your main teaching area if you prefer).

If your town is not yet listed on our website, we will add a page with it, which will have the same design as the existing town pages and will be accessible in the same way.

The featured listing will include some paragraphs about your school with descriptive links to your website, and a photo (with website link).

We'll also place a text ad for your school (in top position) in the driving lessons box on the town page.

Take a look at an online listing

It's worth remembering that most directories cover all types of business - we only specialise in driving lessons, Driving Schools and anything to do with them! Another reason why the links to your website will help with its search engine optimisation.

Driving School Listing

On the home page of Dream Driving Lessons, your school will be added to the news/updates column (with a link) - great for search engine optimisation of your website.

This means there will be a total of 5 links to your website, 1 on the home page and 4 on the town page - that's 4 more links than most online directories!

There are two listing options:

  • 12 weeks for £24 (£2 per week)
  • 24 weeks for £40 (£1.66 per week)

The time periods run from the day your Driving School listing is uploaded to the online website. This may be a couple of days from the payment date because we will need to check the listing text to ensure it is optimised correctly.

To have your website listed, simply choose the 3 or 6 month option and then email us your text. We can create the driving school photo using pictures supplied by you, or you can send us a finished picture (jpg, png, gif - max 206 pixels x 206 pixels). Text will be checked and improved for optimsation (where necessary). Final say on text is with Dream Driving Lessons.

We will inform you by email when your listing goes live - please remember to provide an email address that you use regularly.

Set up your Driving School listing

1) Choose your preferred option

2) Go through the paypal payment system

3) Send your text (a few lines about your driving school) and photo/pictures (max 206 pixels x 206 pixels) to david@dreamdrivinglessons.co.uk

4) Keep an eye on your emails for confirmation of when your listing is live


If you would like more information, please contact david@dreamdrivinglessons.co.uk.