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Pupil Driving Lesson Progress Record

Pupil Progress Record - Why it's good for your lessons...

Pupil Driving Lessons Progress Record

A fairly new phenomenon for many Driving Schools is the pupil progress record - whatever form that may take. Most schools design their own, but they always cover the same subjects, even if they're not in exactly the same order.

Some schools give the pupil the chart to take away and study, while others keep it with the Driving Instructor so they can plan the next lesson accordingly. Either way, it gives pupils confidence in the professionalism of the Driving Instructor.

Progress charts are a great way for the learner to see what they have achieved, something they often forget if there are set backs during lessons. Also, they are great for the pupil to see what they will be learning over the next lessons.

We would encourage new pupils thinking about lessons to ask potential schools or instructors whether they use progress sheets. It's one of the many small parts of learning to drive that help ensure better quality lessons.

From our experience, we've found that pupils hardly ever have a clear idea of what they have covered when they take lessons with Driving Instructors that don't keep a record of their progress, and they certainly don't have a sense of the level or standard their driving is at.

The progress charts are not just there for the pupil, they are also very useful, if for any reason, a new Driving Instructor has to take over, whether with the same school or because the pupil decided to move elsewhere.

Most learners have heard stories of Driving Instructors that simply had the pupil driving around but wasn't really teaching them. For drivers who learnt years back, it was a much more common occurrence.

Fortunately, today the general standard of instruction is much better and the introduction of the pupil progress chart to many schools underlines this.

If you're confused about what you've learnt from your driving lessons or feel you'd like know what you've covered - there is no better way to ensure it happens than asking to see a pupil progress chart!

To get an idea of what a record look like - go to the DSA Pupil Progress Record which is available for Driving Instructors to download.