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Finding Good Driving Lessons - Are Yours Up To Scratch?

Finding Good Driving Lessons

One of the main questions we get asked by learners and beginners is 'where can I find good driving lessons?'. Time and time again we hear about pupils wasting money on sub-standard driving lessons before they decide to move to a different school/instructor.

The key problem is that pupils don't know what to expect. Many will simply pay for lessons on the name of a school. Unfortunately, as many, many learners find out, this has no bearing on the lesson quality. A large Driving School offers no more protection or guarantee of the quality of the driving lesson than a small independent.

Many learners will look for the best driving lessons deals and go with that school. Again, this really has no bearing on the quality of driving lesson. There is a phrase 'if you pay peanuts you get monkeys', but this doesn't apply to the driving school industry. You will find you are able to get good quality driving lessons with many driving schools - whatever the deal being offered.

So how do you find the good driving lessons?

Well the key lies in a part of the jigsaw I haven't mentioned yet - the Driving Instructor! Thanks Sherlock I hear you shout! Well yes, it's obvious isn't it? Which begs the question - why do so many pupils continue to waste money?

The answer has already been given. To reiterate, pupils pay for lessons based on the fact they've heard the driving school name or they find a deal they like. Paying for lessons this way will result in two possible out comes: good lessons or bad lessons! Annoying isn't it?

So how do we get out of this repeating cycle? Easy.........do some RESEARCH!

Probably the best and most common way to find quality driving lessons is through recommendations. If you know someone or can find someone who has had driving lessons recently, ask what they thought about them. Make sure you ask a few questions as well, because often the learner you're asking won't know the difference between good and bad driving lessons either.

We have a list of the most common reasons why learners change their driving school - use them as part of your research.

If you don't know anyone who is currently having driving lessons then ask the instructor you are going to be taking lessons with. You will find that some driving schools offer the chance to chat to your instructor before you pay for any driving lessons. This is a nice idea and can give you an indication as to whether you are going to get on with your them (a good pupil/instructor relationship is an important part of ensuring better quality driving lessons).

However, you must remember that it's in the car that the real driving instructor personality comes out - watch out for hints that the lessons aren't good enough. Just to remind you, here are the common reasons why learners change their driving school

To finish - we always recommend learners take at least 1 driving lesson with a new instructor before paying for Block Bookings or Intensive Driving Courses. You don't want to be in a situation where you've parted with a lot of cash and then realise you don't get on with your instructor.