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Driving lessons in Swanage with Coast School of Motoring

Coast School of Motoring is based in Swanage BH19 and also offers lessons in neighbouring BH20. Wayne runs the school and is a local independent Driving Instructor.

All lessons are on a one to one basis only, with a professional, calm, helpful and friendly atmosphere in order to help the pupils concentrate on learning without distractions.

The school offers taster lessons so that pupils can get some experience of the car and also get to know instructor, because a good teacher/pupil relationship is important for quality driving lessons.

Coast School of Motoring has deals for all learners: from intro offers for new pupils to the school to competitive block booking prices for 10 lessons.

Website: www.coast-school.co.uk

Driving Lessons Swanage, Dorset - BH19

Coast School of Motoring

Local independent driving school in Swanage offering one to one driving lessons in a professional, calm and friendly enviroment
01929 423689

Coles Driving Lessons

Our unique Learner training programmes will fit around your availability saving you time and money
01929 401390

Gold Driving Lessons Swanage

Our friendly and professional team of driving instructors have an in-depth knowledge of Shaftesbury's road network
0845 2712220

Compass Driving Lessons Swanage

I have been teaching for 24 years and have an excellent pass rate. I qualified in 1986, and have been teaching in Swanage ever since
01929 422529

Ignition Driving Lessons

Small family-run School established for 18 years - we treat each pupil as an individual, to let them progress at the fastest pace possible
01929 472050

Angel Driver Driving Lessons

Happy to accommodate learner driver students of all ages and abilities that require tuition at a time of day suited to them
0800 4346577

Driving Lessons Swanage, Dorset - BH19

When you book driving lessons in Swanage, make sure that you get the best quality lessons, always ask the driving instructor the right questions

Driving lesson prices across Swanage can vary, this is often linked with how new the driving school is e.g. a more established Driving School gets a lot of pupils through word of mouth where as a newer Driving School will be more active in looking for new business and tend to offer more deals.

Ask about Driving lesson deals in Swanage e.g. driving lesson block bookings, 2 hour driving lessons etc. will bring down the price and ultimately lead to cheap driving lessons.

Most driving schools in Swanage offer intensive driving courses, but the number of hours training per day will vary. Always tell the Driving School how many hours you would like to do before you pay. The driving school should explain how many hours they do and the reasons why.

Beginner Lessons Across Swanage BH19

Cheap Driving Lesson Deals in Swanage, Dorset - BH19

Great deals on driving lessons in Swanage for Beginners!

Driving schools love beginners! They want to entice them to their school because potentially, they will have a lot more driving lessons after the intial offer.

The deals often take the form of cheap driving lessons for the first 5 hours.

Remember, as a beginner, you are sought after!! So ask for those deals!