Dream Driving Lessons

Intensive Driving Courses in Newbury Berkshire

Intensive Driving Courses in Newbury Berkshire

Kathy's School of Motoring

Intensive and Semi-Intensive driving courses in Newbury, West Berkshire. Gift vouchers available!
01635 866 003

Nick Cornish School of Motoring

Intensive driving lessons in Newbury. We have a team of male and female instructors.
01635 863059

Peter Skelton Driving School

Intensive driving lessons in Newbury may be just what you're looking for to get to test standard.
01635 37682

Duncan's Driving School Newbury

Structured driving lessons covering all the topics you need to pass your driving test.
01635 38205

Jenni's Driving School

Intensive Driving Courses designed for people who want to pass quickly but at a comfortable pace.
07717 525654

Kiss Driving School Newbury

At KISS when we do an intensive driving course we break it down into half hour segments to aid learning.
07970 595439

Book Your Intensive Driving Course with a Driving School in Newbury Berkshire

When you book intensive driving courses in Newbury, make sure that you get the best quality lessons - always ask the driving instructor the right questions

Intensive Driving Course deals across Newbury will vary, but you always get a better deal on driving lessons than if you pay as you go.

With all Intensive Driving Courses in Newbury you will be paying a large amount of money up front. So it's really important to look at or ask about the Terms and Conditions. You don't want to lose money if, for any reason, you can't continue with the course.

It's also worth remembering that intensive driving courses have to be completed in a certain amount of time. Make sure you put time aside for the whole course because you won't get a refund on any driving lessons that you miss.

Intensive Driving Courses Newbury, Berkshire

Cheap Driving Lesson Deals in Newbury, Berkshire

Great deals on intensive driving courses in Newbury!

For partly trained pupils, Intensive Driving Courses in Newbury offer the chance to get a full driving licence in just a few weeks!

Intensive Driving Courses have many different time frames, from 20 hours in a week to 40 hours over 4 weeks. All learners are different, so remember to consider how long you could comfortably sit in a car and learn.