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2 Hour Driving Lessons

2 Hour Driving Lessons - The benefits of a longer lesson...

2 hour driving lessons

A large number of learners opt for 2 hour driving lessons, and if cost wasn't a factor, almost every pupil would be doing the same thing.

The benefits of a longer driving lesson are obvious, at first glance, to everyone learning to drive. More time in the car means more of the syllabus gets covered during each session.

Actually, if we look more closely at a 2 hour driving lesson we find that the main advantage is the amount of time the pupil gets to practice what has been taught. Therefore, it doesn't always follow that you would cover more subjects during the time, although it does allow for it, or at the very least, the introduction of a new subject in preparation for the next lesson.

One of the most important parts of pupil development, and a technique which Driving Instructors are taught to use, is rote learning.

A simple concept which basically means repeated practice of a routine; turning right at a junction for example. Unlike knowledge learnt in a classrooom, when we're driving, we are training our mind and our body.

Sports coaches refer to 'muscle memory', this is where repeated practice enables our muscles to carry out an action without having to think about it, subconsciously as it were.

In a driving scenario, for a pupil to reach test standard; changing gear, moving off, slowing down etc., has to be second nature. To get to that point means repeated practice, or rote learning.

In reference to a 2 hour driving lesson, the benefits over a 1 hour lesson are apparent. With twice as long in the car, the Driving Instructor can repeat an exercise many more times. The pupil's muscle memory is reinforced which means a stronger foundation for the next subject. It also means that in subsequent lessons, the pupil won't have to cover as much old ground after the break between lessons.

Ultimately, the advantages of the 2 hour driving lessons should show when the pupil nears test standard, as this is when most of the repetition takes place. The pupil knows what to do, but needs to reinforce it so that it becomes second nature (just like experienced drivers).

In a nutshell, the extra time spent practicing in the 2 hour lessons potentially means that a pupil will get to test standard faster than someone doing 1 hour a week, because there was more rote learning and less catching up to do each time.

Another advantage of taking a 2 hour driving lessons is the price. Driving lessons aren't cheap but nearly all schools offer a better hourly rate when you book 2 hours instead of 1.

It can feel like you are spending a lot of money if you look at the 2 hour lesson as a one-off. But, if you look at the whole course, you will see that you are actually saving money.

In summary, 2 hour lessons are preferred by Driving Instructors because it means more practice time for the pupil. You will be saving money over the whole course - even though it doesn't feel like it when you are handing the money over!