Young Drivers - overhaul to the rules...

Young Drivers - overhaul to the rules...

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Young Drivers - overhaul to the rules

The government has announced plans to overhaul young driver rules to improve safety and reduce insurance costs.

Among the proposals being considered are:

  • A minimum learning period before candidates are permitted to sit their test
  • Enabling learner drivers to take lessons on motorways, and perhaps during adverse weather conditions or during darkness to encourage greater practice prior to taking a test
  • Increasing the existing probationary period from 2 to 3 years for a new driver’s licence to be revoked if they receive 6 or more penalty points
  • Making the driving test more rigorous to better prepare learners to drive unsupervised
  • Incentives for young drivers to take up additional training after passing their test

The government is also considering improving the training of driving instructors and giving parents and young drivers advice on choosing an instructor.

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