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Driving Lesson News

The current high demand for tests means that any bookings made from now on are likely to fall under the new rules. The new rules will apply to all tests taken on or after 19 January 2013.

The onset of bad weather also means that some existing test appointments may not go ahead. This could have an impact on the licence category some candidates want to get as it's unlikely we'll be able to provide new appointments before 19 January 2013.

Cancelled tests

  • where tests are cancelled by DSA, eg where an examiner isn't available, we'll do everything we can to offer a new appointment before 19 January - by diverting examiners from other duties to motorcycle testing
  • where tests are cancelled for bad weather - these tests will be placed 'on hold' on the booking system and trainers will be able to reschedule the booking for a date after 19 January or claim a refund

How you can help

Our deployment teams and motorcycle examiners are all working as hard as they can to provide the best service possible. You can help by keeping your phone calls to DSA as brief as you can so our deployment teams can focus on re-booking cancelled tests.

One of the trainer associations has suggested you could prioritise students on the basis of who would be most disadvantaged if they don't get a test in time - eg riders over 24 years old could wait until after 19 January to free up your existing bookings for younger riders.

We're doing all we can to help you but the weather may be against us!

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